Tiko El Outa is a Georgian German artist based in New York and Berlin. Tiko decided to become an actor after learning that she can discover more about herself through acting. Tiko believes that acting is part of everyone's daily life. To her, being an authentic actor means being an authentic human being. Her approach to writing the scenes is very distinctive. Her background is coming from painting and poetry. Furthermore, her first short film “Lost in the City”  describes the perfect melt between those two worlds.​

Besides acting, Tiko expresses her inner world through poetry and painting. She visualizes her poems through her paintings. Each of her works is a story of harmony between two seemingly contradictory concepts – imperfection in perfection, perfection in imperfection, love in pain, and pain in love. She is not a technical painter and all of her artworks are her own experiments. She published a poetry book ‘Wenn die Leidenschaft ruft’ in 2016 in Germany. Her works have been published in several art magazines.