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Tiko El Outa is a Georgian German multidisciplinary artist based in New York and Mannheim. Her artistic journey began as an actress, she embarked on a transformative exploration, delving deep into the inner workings of the world and the essence of human existence. This profound understanding served as a catalyst, fueling her fervent desire to capture and communicate this remarkable journey through the fusion of visual art and storytelling.

Intricately weaving together the realms of visual art and storytelling, Tiko's creations offer a perfect melding of these two expressive forms. Through her masterful use of cinematic dialogue, she presents narratives that are rich with metaphorical clues and imagery, inviting audiences to decipher the intricate layers of meaning where they can explore and discover their connections to the profound themes and concepts she presents.

In this symbiotic marriage of visual art and storytelling, Tiko El Outa transcends conventional boundaries and offers a transformative experience for those who engage with her work. Through her art, she seeks to illuminate the inherent complexities of the human condition and ignite a profound appreciation for the depth and beauty that lies within every individual's unique existence.

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