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Tiko El Outa is a Georgian German multidisciplinary artist based in New York and Berlin. Her painting journey began when she started wondering, as an actress, how the world functions and how to put this knowledge into the human living experience. Through acting, Tiko discovered and recognized herself at a deep level as a real, natural, daily human being, and the desire to depict this experience was born. 

Each of the mediums that Tiko uses in her art is for experimentation. She loves working with oils and acrylics, molding paste, and glass. Through poetry and painting, she talks about her discoveries and insights into the universe.

In 2016, Tiko published a collection of poems “Wenn Die Leidenschaft Ruft” in Germany. In 2021, she exhibited online her collection, You Are Not Alone. The new collection, Identity Crisis, is a deep exploration of herself at multiple levels and an act of self-acceptance.

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